Parking Instructions

Due to the fact that this is happening the weekend of Mother's Day, which is Wallace's busiest day of the year, we have some special parking requirements for the bonsai events on Saturday 5/13.  I will also be putting this information in the May newsletter as well

Parking for the Friday night demo (5/12) is as normal - you can park in the main parking lot and enter through the main entrance by the cash registers.


Parking for the Saturday events is special since it is Wallace's busiest day of the year.  We CANNOT park in the main parking lot.  You can come in there to quickly drop off any trees, tools, etc. and take them up to the room, but you CANNOT leave your car there - only for a very short drop off, then immediately move your vehicle.  In fact, if you are coming to the Friday evening demo and one or more event on Saturday, you can bring your items up on Friday evening if you wish.

Parking for the Saturday events is limited to Wallace's employee parking and Kate from Wallace's worked out a special deal for us to be able to park in a specific area of the parking at ColoHub which is the building directly to the north from Wallace's. Please see the pictures attached to see the proper parking locations and where you can easily enter from the allowed parking areas.

NOTE: For ColoHub, we ONLY have permission to park in the stalls that face Devils Glen Road.  If you park in any other spots there, you will be subject to towing since it is a secure, private property and we only have permission for those stalls on the west side of that narrow lot.  If you are able to car pool with someone, that would be very helpful.

ENTRANCES FOR PARKING (click picture to view full size in new window):

SATURDAY PARKING (click picture to view full size in new window)

EASIEST WAY TO GET IN ON SATURDAY (WEATHER PERMITTING - if weather is bad, you can use the main entrances if needed to walk into the building) (click picture to view full size in new window):