2019 Guest Artist

Jennifer discovered bonsai 8 years ago after retiring from the stage as a professional ballerina.  She is struck by the line and form within bonsai and the ability to use the trees natural flow of movement.  Jennifer had the opportunity to study with
longtime friend and mentor Jim Doyle and though Jim’s influence went on to work with such artists as Mauro Stemberger, Chase Rosade, Larry Jackel, Peter Warren, and Owen Reich.
After meeting Walter Pall in 2012  Jennifer began to see bonsai as an art form and went on to further study with him. Through Mr. Pall’s mentoring Jennifer has attended numerous symposiums and workshops and became Mr.Pall’s apprentice in 2015. She was the first female bonsai artist for Generation Bonsai and last year represented the United States in China. 2019 will be a busy year as Jennifer is one of the guest artists for Brussels Bonsai and Mid- Atlantic. Back at home, she can be found working with the yamadori at Hidden Gardens nursery or walking her border collie Sam.