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American Bonsai Tool & Supply Co.
Excellent quality American-made bonsai tools and supplies.  For active paid members of the club, we get a 10% discount.  Please contact one of the Steering Committee members for details on how to get the discount.
Commercial site for trees, nursery stock, tools and supplies.
Bonsai Site Network
Great site for information and purchasing supplies.  Good articles.
Brussels Bonsai
Commercial site for trees and nursery stock.
Dallas Bonsai
Commercial site for trees, tools and supplies.
Drip Works USA
Commercial site for automatic irrigation system specifically for bonsai.
Evergreen Garden Works
Sale of wide variety of plants and extensive list of very informative articles by a number of authors.
Golden Arrow Bonsai
Commercial site with bonsai nursery stock
Greenwood Bonsai Studios
Harry Tomlinson's Bonsai studio (now run by his family members).
Hollow Creek Bonsai
Commercial site for trees, tools and supplies
Lang Bonsai
Custom made bonsai containers.
Meehan's Miniatures
Rare, miniature, bonsai and starter plant material. Catalog and newsletter.
Natures Way
Commercial site for trees, tools, and supplies.
Individual ingredients for bonsai soil and more.
The Little Green House
Lights for indoor tropicals.
Wallace's Garden Center
A wonderful nursery and garden center and the new host of our meeting locations. Located in Bettendorf, IA. 
A garden enthusiast's destination.  They are committed to furthering earth-friendly gardening indoors and outdoors by offering the finest selection of innovative year-round gardening products.