About Us

    1. The Quad City Bonsai Club was started in July of 1987 by founding members Paul Rosenthal, Charlie White and Jerry Zimmerman. The goal of the QCB Club is to do the following:To promote knowledge, interest, education and the enjoyment of the art of Bonsai;

    2. To make available information on the history and culture of Bonsai;

    3. To encourage members to collect and exhibit Bonsai; and

    4. To hold meetings, workshops and exhibitions in the furtherance of these purposes.

We welcome any people into the club whether they have many years of experience or someone who just has a curiosity about the art of Bonsai. We are all growing together to become better at this art form. Come and check out one of our meetings if you would like to "test the waters" before joining this very interesting club. If you want to go ahead and jump right in, then we welcome you to do so. Please check out our membership page for information about joining our club.

To find out how our club is structured, you can view our club by-laws.