Clubs & Organizations

Bonsai Clubs International

Site for Bonsai Clubs International.

Internet Bonsai Club

An online bonsai club.

National Bonsai Foundation

Comprehensive links to other bonsai sites, including dictionary, FAQs and species info; sponsored by the National Bonsai Foundation.

The United States National Arboretum

U.S. National Collection of Bonsai Trees.

Yama Ki Bonsai

Site for the Yama Ki Bonsai Club in Connecticut. Good informational articles.

Prairie State Bonsai Society (Glen Ellyn, IL)

Prairie State Bonsai Society is a club of bonsai enthusiasts promoting the practice and art of bonsai tree care through an exchange of experience and knowledge at meetings and workshops.

Iowa Bonsai Association (Des Moines, IA)

IBA was founded in 1979 to promote appreciation and development of bonsai.

Midwest Bonsai Society (Glencoe, IL)

A group of people that are working to promote interest in and the enjoyment of bonsai.

Springfield Bonsai Society (Springfield, IL)

A group that is dedicated to helping individuals in improving their bonsai skills and promoting this ancient art throughout the Greater Springfield area.