Bonsai on the Web

Links to bonsai forums and databases.


An informative site with information on styles, propagation, training, and daily care. Several case studies, a good photo gallery, and even videos provide lots of information and inspiration. A discussion forum is also available.


A comprehensive site offering a wide range of information from styles and training to books, suppliers, and more. A gallery and discussion forum are available.

GardenWeb Bonsai Forum

A bonsai discussion forum that is part of the GardenWeb online community (which obviously offers a lot more than just bonsai discussion and information).

Helpful Gardener Forum

The Helpful Gardener bonsai forum has been active since 2003. It was founded by Scott Reil, a Master Gardener instructor in Japanese Gardening who has been cultivating bonsai for over twenty years.

Internet Bonsai Club

One of the oldest and most active bonsai discussion forums around.