Dakota Coverdill

I'm the current acting vice-president of the club and have been training trees for approximately four years. I have always had a bit of a green thumb and when I stumbled across a Youtube video by Nigel Saunders, where he absolutely destroyed a lemon twig's roots, I was entranced. Later on, when I had the space, I started to try developing trees. My favorite tree that I've ever tried to develop was an ornamental black pearl pepper from seed. I am planning to do more of them this spring. Currently, my collection consists of some maples, junipers, a boxwood, a Ginko, some jades, a pomegranate, a hornbeam, a plum, an elm, and a Fukien tea. All of these are nowhere near ready for my standard but should be in give or take 10 to 30 years.

Contact Dakota either by email or by phone at 319-360-3229.  To send a general question to the club, please visit the Contact Us page.

Current Quad City Bonsai role(s):  Vice-President and Program Director